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Salvacruces Spinal Clearance

Salvacruces Spinal Clearance
Salvacruces Spinal Clearance Salvacruces Spinal Clearance Salvacruces Spinal Clearance

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Half pad BR sheepsk.adjust.neopr.pads

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This anatomically shaped cotton half pad features a wide border of medically tanned sheepskin. The bottom of the pad is also fully lined with sheepskin and has a channel down the spine to provide additional clearance. The pad comes with six individual neoprene pads, which can be placed in the compartments on top. The 8 mm thick pads can be used to slightly raise the withers and back area. As a result, the pad allows for a stable saddle position for horses with low or mutton withers or a low or sway back. The combination of sheepskin and neoprene distributes the weight of saddle and rider very evenly across the horse's back. This reduces the risk of pressure on the spine and withers. Medically tanned sheepskins prevent excessive heat accumulation and in addition, they are hygienic, sweat resistant and antibacterial. Especially suitable for horses with sensitive skin. The pad fits under all saddles and can be used directly on the horse’s back or between saddle and saddle pad. To preserve the natural properties of the sheepskin, we recommend washing the product at 30°C using a special leather detergent.

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