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BR Single Jointed Pelham Titanio 16 mm

BR  Single  Jointed  Pelham  Titanio  16  mm

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Pelham BR Lorenzini 2P-single16 mm SL 7cm

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Single jointed Pelham featuring swivel cheeks (shank length 70 mm) and leverage action. Made of pure solid titanium. The use of solid titanium does not only make these bits very strong, but it also ensures full use of the unique properties of this innovative material. In addition, the material is finished off smooth and feels soft. As a result, the material is pre-eminently suitable for the sensitive horse's mouth. This bit can be used with Pelham roundings and a single pair of reins as well as with double reins. Mouthpiece thickness 16 mm. Made by Lorenzini.

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