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BR Filete con doble articulación Sweet Iron Magic System 14 mm

BR Filete con doble articulación Sweet Iron Magic System 14 mm
BR Filete con doble articulación Sweet Iron Magic System 14 mm BR Filete con doble articulación Sweet Iron Magic System 14 mm

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Egg-but snaff.BR Sweet Irondouble broken Lock curv.14mm.

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Sweet Iron bits are known for the sweet taste of the mouth piece. Besides, the bits are anatomically shaped and available in many shapes and sizes.

This double jointed eggbutt snaffle is made of solid stainless steel combined with a layer of sweet iron on the mouthpiece (blue). The sweet iron stimulates the chewing process and saliva formation. When this material reacts with moisture, warmth and air in a process called oxidation, the surface rust tastes sweet. As a result, the horse will be more willing to accept the bit. The blue colour disappears eventually, but the taste of the surface rust remains.

The anatomical design of the bit follows the shape of the horse’s mouth, which allows for a gentle and even pressure distribution. The Magic System bit combines the flexibility of jointed mouth bits with the control of a straight bar mouthpiece. Its exclusive, patented design does not allow the bit to fully collapse as does a traditional snaffle, thereby reducing tongue pressure and palate injury. The double jointed bit consists of three parts. The middle section of the mouthpiece lies flat on the tongue, causing more pressure on the tongue than a single jointed bit would. The thicker the middle section, the more pressure it will create on the tongue. The single jointed bit works mainly on the bars but also exerts pressure on the edges of the tongue, the corners of the mouth and sometimes on the palate. When rein aids are given, the bit forms a V-shape. Due to the single joint, the tongue has more freedom than it would have with a double jointed bit. Mouthpiece thickness 14 mm, ring size 65 mm.

A loose ring snaffle allows the mouthpiece to move freely relative to the rings. This type of bit allows a lot of movement, making it one of the most easily accepted bits.

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